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What do humans believe in? What is it that humans do on this planet? let the humanity to answer your question with charts!

  • Pop the bubbles with shared reality
  • Explore the human nature. It's your nature too
  • So "Get your own information" isn't just a fantasy
The Art of Asking the Right Questions

The world we live in isn't as much a product of our measurements (answers), as shallow science could propose. Science is only as good as the underlying Philosophy (PhD - Doctor of Philosophy). So what is our lived world about? In philosophy, a question is the basic unit, a container of axioms, the index of knowledge.

Just like the archetype of the Jinn, who gives you only exactly what you ask for, leaving you in some kind of self-induced painship.

Beware, that a question is a powerful spell. A spell that triggers a pattern-search algorithm in the brain of whoever hears this spell. In fact, you alter the future of the hearer, as by asking a question you construct a potential "answer object" in their future. In programming, these are called "futures", "promises" or "callbacks".

In these definition, the world of only composed of two kinds of spell-casters. Those who realize they're wizards and those who don't.

Questions can be about beliefs, experiences, desires, intentions and last (and least) opinions. In that order. Descending in the level of transcendence and substance. Beware of opinions, they are usually borrowed and shallow. Opinion is where nonsense likes to live.

Incomplete Answer list

While 5 options ain't plenty, make an effort to include all possible answers, that are mutually exclusive. Use the trick of abstraction to create broader or narrower categories, if you need to.


When human answers None of the Above, your question will show up slightly less often for others. The same goes for Skipped questions with more significant effect. Make your questions answerable for everyone to collect many answers.


Like How fast can your rogalo fly?, which presumes I own a rogalo in the first place. Watch out, humans tend to spin this pirouette quite often.

Objective Questions

Or rather, questions probing for objective truth. Like: How far is the moon where you'd actually get a result telling you How many people are willing to use Google for this question?

Like literally

Beware of your wording, humans can take words literally literally.

You can delete created question by swiping the question left, in Your Q&As section. However, you can delete only questions younger than 6 hours

Answers Seeking

Like a intellectual archeology! What if archeologists could just ask the people of that time?

Each question you answer or create is stored in "Your Q&As" section. It's these questions you'll be able to use in Correlations. Few things to know regarding answering:


You can skip any question. Skipping will remove the question from the key, but it may reappear later. When you skip you won't see the results.

Sample Size

Beware of drawing conclusions from charts where only few answered. Always check the total number of answers at the bottom of the screen. The bigger the sample size, the more accurate the data.

Sample Type

Another important consideration is that people on "Ask the Humans" aren't random part of the population. At the very least we ask only those people who use mobile apps. That already introduces a bias towards technophobic part of our communities. It's therefore important to contextualize each chart to the notion of who are people in the "Ask the Humans community". Correlations is a good tool for this.
Relating Questions

What is linked to what? And what could it mean? Correlation can be done only for questions which were answered by the same people.

Start by selecting two questions to relate. It can be any question from Your Q&As section. Read as like this:

  • "Most people that are afraid of heights grew up in the city."

  • "Very few people both love yoga and freestyle motocross."

  • "Most people with big salary had bad grades at school."

  • "Very few people who believe in magic, trust the free market."

This is a Premium feature

Hello! If you're wondering how this whole operation is maintained, this is it. I believe that making some high-end paid is a honest money model, as it gives immediate value to You, while gives me the incentive to grow this app further.

Try this out for free during the 14-day trial period. If you like it, consider supporting this app by purchasing it.

Identity Hygiene

If you're feeling an unspoken unease about frivolous disclosure of your data, which is the cornerstone of this app, great! Internet has a long history of rogue databases, matrix-like farming of humans and other "mistakes". That's why this App, and it's author, are dedicated to "No Data Stealing" initiative.

Inherently anonymous data

No personal data leaves your device. It is not read, not collected, not stored. All data is inherently anonymous.

Data isn't a commodity

The data you provide is not to be exclusively disclosed to any 3rd party. If data is shared (with scientists), it is done publicly for the benefit of everyone.

No stalking

Your activity in the app is not being monitored, tracked or otherwise recorded. All you provide are questions and answers, nothing else.

VPN recommended

Every action on the internet has your IP on it. This IP can be mapped to your location. While this app doesn't collect this information, you should trust no one. Using VPN will hide your true IP from the internet, so you don't need to rely on good hearts of programmers. Use VPN, please.

Single-Key identity

Each human generates a random key. This key will be encrypted used to sign any data you provide. Only you know what is your key, only you know what data is yours.

Transferring Identity to a different device

It's important to note, that your Key is stored the app's storage on your device. If you uninstall the app you lose the key. If you lose the, nobody will be able to associate you with your data (not the author, not even you).

That's why you need request a temporary 1-day-expiry key in your app and then type it into a different instance of "Ask the Humans" app. Then your permanent key will be recovered and with it the contents of Your Q&As section.

Go to "Your Identity" section in the sidebar
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Albert Nemec


Based in

Prague, Czech Republic

Every now and then, I get into a this overwhelming, creative, cheeky, awe-full, playful state of mind. When a thought kidnaps my body for several days.

I came to an understanding that these strange and wonderful entities, or thoughts if you want, are like lightnings searching for nearby conduits. And that I can be nothing but a well behaved lighting rod, which lights a city, instead of burning it.

This app is a product of such an encounter and I am grateful that I can share it with you.